I’ve enjoyed fractals since I learned about the Mandelbrot set, when I was about age eight. Now that I’ve discovered the fractal rendering program, Apophysis, I can make my very own fractals. And, thus, an all-consuming obsession is born.

Apophysis-091102-127 copy

Do magenta and brown go together? Is the combination against one of those style rules that I’ve been ignoring all my life? Clashing is good. Clashing is interesting.

greenfractal copy

…Monochrome can be interesting, though, as well.


With all the bizillions of snowflakes that fall and the fact that snowflake formation has to obey certain rules (always with the hexagons), you’d think that you could find two identical ones. Humans growth has to obey certain rules as well, but even identical twins have different fingerprints. We’re all special.

bort copy

I’ve alway wanted to visit a nebula, but I have this sinking feeling that seeing gas close-up isn’t as interesting as seeing it from faraway.

Apophysis-091029-410 copy

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die (repeat ad naseum). I ate you Eiffel 65. So much.

Apophysis-091029-206 copy

One of the best parts about painting is the first time you dip the brush into the water and the colour goes swirling around.

pink copy

See if you can count all the circles in this picture. It will drive you mad.

The low-res versions of these fractal renderings don’t really do them justice. You can get a .rar of the hi-res versions here:

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One Response to “Self-Similarity”

  1. richard says:

    I was a bit older than 8 when I found out about fractals – early to mid 20s (back in the late 80s).

    I wrote my own fractal generating code. I still find them lovely.