Molecule Day 1


This is a small part of a painting I’m doing. I need to reread my camera’s manual, to find out how to fix the flash, so that it doesn’t reflect so much. The next picture will be better.

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One Response to “Molecule Day 1”

  1. richard says:

    Put a diffuser in front of the flash – semi-opaque piece of white plastic or paper – though, not right up against the flash, since it packs a lot of energy into a small area and can burn or melt stuff.

    In a pinch, I put my hand in front and then colour correct the image afterwards (thisis why I don’t put anything up against teh flash because I had covered it with my thumb once and when the flash went off, I burned my thumb – ouch).

    Better yet, build yourself a light box so you don’t need to use the flash.