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Assorted Insanities of the Past

Posted by Laurel Green on November 8th, 2009 at 5:11 am

I had this project, years ago, where I posted a doodle every day. I only lasted about two weeks and nobody saw any of it.

Anyway, I’ve chosen some of the more insane of the doodles to entertain you.


I have this thing where I find faces on things that shouldn’t have a face absolutely hilarious. Even more-so if those faces are angry.


Monkey in a Jar of Evil, is a character from the margins of my homework in High School.


Hey! You are a carrot! You are not supposed to have a face! Or a gun.


This one’s just cute. I should totally write a children’s book.


Funny story, I drew this one after I had watched an episode of “My Super Sweet 16″. This is how I see those girls.


UFO’s are a growing problem for anthropomorphized flowers.


I drew this one after reading a article about how the Wii was supposed to be dangerous and cause injuries.