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Windows 7′s New Paint

Posted by Laurel Green on November 13th, 2009 at 1:11 pm

With Windows 7, Microsoft has improved their Paint program for, like, the first time in, like, 30 years.

Windows 7 Paint

New Features:

  • New brush-types including such as: “oil brush” and “crayon brush”
  • New shapes like: “star” an “Star of David”
  • New fill and outline options including: “oil brush” and “crayon brush”
  • You can, like, totally, rotate shapes, like, 90 degrees, and stuff.

Argh No Tablet

Look at this glorious icon of an image I have created with Windows 7‘s Paint. Gaze into it. GAZE!

Also, it’s, like, Friday the 13th, today. So, like, I’ve got to go turn into a werewolf, or something, now.